Cove Caskworks

Cove Caskworks

Cove Caskworks was a self initiated project I took on because I wanted to attract new clients from the craft brewing industry. With that goal in mind, I built a brand from scratch and came up with a logo suite and packaging design system that took a lot of inspiration from pulp comic illustration, the pacific northwest, nautical imagery, and a tiny sprinkling of tiki culture.

It was important to me to treat this like an actual client job where I thought really critically about brand voice and positioning and also did a lot of exploration around the packaging designs. I plotted out around 20 different rough compositions for the can layouts before I started work on anything concrete and I believe that attention to detail shows through in the final art. I rounded out the project with designs for coasters, a delivery van, and a special reserve bottle.

After posting the can designs around on the net, I quickly attracted a few brewery clients as well as a company working to launch a line of CBD infused sparkling waters. So all in all, I consider this a successful endeavor and I’m really proud of the results.


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