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Willie’s Remedy

Willie’s Remedy is the CBD food, beverage, and wellness brand launched in 2019 by country music legend and cannabis advocate Willie Nelson. My role on this project has been in helping to craft the brand look and feel as expressed through packaging, collateral, and merchandise designs as well as retail and event display setups.

A cornerstone of the Willie’s Remedy consumer awareness drive has been in its collaborating with live music and cultural events like SXSW and Luck Reunion. At these events, we create experiential retail and food service environments that allow consumers to engage with the brand in a way that feels authentic to Willie Nelson’s legacy while connecting to the new wave of music culture rooted in all things Americana.

This project has truly been a multidisciplinary endeavor for me as I have had my hand in just about every facet of the work we’ve done on the brand. Coffee, tea, tincture, and topical packaging. Collateral, enamel pins, flags, shirts, bandanas, stickers, patches, buttons, signage, copy, retail displays, trade show booths, social media content, product photography, and much more! It’s been a real pleasure helping to bring this brand to life.


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